Soundcraft Vi1
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Soundcraft VI1 Digital Mixing System - 40bit floating point processing surface with 26 faders, large touch screen (similar thomann to 4 Vistonics II Screens), 4 fixed input layers, 5 programmable user layers, max 32x mic/line inputs + 4ch AES/EBU + 2ch S/PDIF (rear), 24+3 line outs + monitor A&B outs, 8x VCA & 4x mute groups, 4x integrated Lexicon stereo FX, 27x integrated thomann BSS EQs, external PSU, card slot for optional D21M card (Vi-Local, formats include MADI, AES/EBU, ADAT, Tascam, Dolby E, SDI, CobraNet, Aviom, Ethersound, RockNet, line in/out, mic in), connection to Optocore systems via MADI/Optocore (LWL), can be connected to 64-input VI-Stagebox. Dimensions: 104 thomann x 71cm. Weight: approx 35kg

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